Products I recommend

These are the products I recommend both in the kitchen and in the tummy. Of course, for anything in the tummy, please consult with your or your child’s medical team prior to use.

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Vitamix (New)


Vitamix (Refurbished)


Blendtec (New)


Blendtec (refurbished)

Blender Spatula

Instant Pot


Digestive enzymes



Turmeric Powder


Ginger Powder



*Always cook into tea and strain. Never feed whole elderberries*



(For storing blends)


Food Scale


Smart Scale


Blender Bottle

(Great for on-the-go feeding)

Blender Bottle 3-pack

Squeasy Gear

(Great for on-the-go feeding)

Reusable Food Pouches

Mini Freezer

(Great for storing blends without taking up a lot of space)


Stand for Food


Tom Turnip’s Plant Foods Adventure


The Quest: Forest of Realms