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Stand for Food

Stand for Food was the result of an 18-month journey during which I scoured medical journals for every study ever done stand for food ebookrelevant to enteral nutrition from 1950 to the present day. Shocked at that extreme contradiction between current medical recommendations regarding enteral nutrition and what the scientific data tells us, I decided to write this book. All of the scientific data on enteral nutrition stands strongly on the side of food. And so should we.

In this book, patients, parents, and caregivers will find the tools they need to have knowledgeable conversations with their medical providers about enteral formula and blenderized diet.

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Tastefully Blended

tastefully blended kindle cover


Enjoy 100 recipes for pureed food suitable for both oral and tube feeding! Includes many recipes that are dairy free, soy free, vegetarian, vegan, and/or, gluten free!

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Tom Turnip’s Plant Foods Adventure

The first book in my series, Foods that Grow30515573_10155224920852414_8606240315080179712_o from the Ground, a boy named Tom Turnip journeys to 3 different lands and learns important lessons about the power of eating whole plant foods. Written for children ages 3-5, this story includes many child-friendly recipes and a parent resource section written by an experienced feeding therapists about strategies that are fun and relaxing and allow children to become more familiar with different foods and eventually be receptive to eating them.

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The Quest: Forest of Realms

Guess what? Every book in my series, The Quest, includes a key character living with a feeding tube!

Fierce overlords. A foreboding forest. Can one naive princess save her people?

Zia’s people have been enslaved. The princess wathequestmockuptched helplessly when giant creatures emerged from outside the city to control her kingdom. But when she finds a map that could guide her through the Forest of Realms, she dashes into the woods in search of answers…

As she treads deeper into the darkness, she must decide who to trust in a magical, unfamiliar world. Unable to tell friend from foe, the royal girl must collect the pieces of a powerful artifact to have any chance of survival. Will Zia reveal the truth of the past and free her people before something sinister stops her quest for good?

The Quest: Forest of Realms is an enchanting middle grade fantasy. If you like mystical fairies, harrowing adventures, and fierce princesses, then you’ll love Shelby King and Crunchy Tubie Mama’s magical journey.

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The Quest: Realm of Rebelsrealm of rebels mockup.jpg

A dark forest, long forgotten. Tales of a magical realm. Only one boy believes the legends are true. How far is he willing and able to go?

Sebastian has had only one wish his entire life: to find the Realm of Rebels and become a hero. After happening upon an ancient stone that speaks of this realm, he leaves his home to enter a mystical land, determined to discover the truth.

As he travels, he falls into another world where the Meadow Fairies have been hiding from an evil queen and a terrifying dragon. He quickly realizes he is in over his head in this magnificent world filled with dragons, sea beasts, mermaids, and more. He is then faced with a decision. He must rescue the queen of the Meadow Fairies from the Lair of Dragons or return home a failure. Can someone so small defeat such a gigantic beast?

The Quest: Realm of Rebels is an exciting, middle grade fantasy. If you like spectacular worlds, heroic adventures, and fierce battles, then you’ll love Crunchy Tubie Mama and Shelby King’s gripping journey.

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So Many Plant Foods: Vegetables

Filled with over 30 realistic-appearing,so many plant foods but engaging pictures of vegetables, So Many Plant Foods: Vegetables is written for very young children to help parents help their children to become more familiar with vegetables. Included are kid-friendly recipes that use only whole plant foods and a Parent Resource Section written by an experienced feeding therapist with tips and strategies parents can use to help their children desire to eat more plant foods.

So Many Plant Foods: Vegetables is the first of four books all about different kinds of plant foods for very young children.

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