I cloth diaper. I use reusable wipes and make my son’s butt wash. I use coconut oil for diaper rash cream. I bring my own reusable bags to the grocery store. I’m quick to speak up against The Man. I make my own dryer sheets. I reuse practically everything. I eat very natural. I even make my own ketchup starting with tomatoes. I freshly grind most of my own spices. I make my own almond milk and other seed milks. I make my own household cleaners. Yeah, I’m crunchy.

I’m also a tubie mama. I have an amazing son that is fed via a feeding tube. You can read about his story here. Learning to feed a tubie an all natural diet based on real, whole foods has taken time and patience. But, I’ve learned and grown so much. It is quite frequent I find myself helping other tubie mamas learn how to feed their child real, whole foods through a feeding tube. A tubie mama helped me when I was first starting out. And now, I’ve paid it forward many times over. For ease of information sharing when I meet tubie mamas new to a blenderized diet, and to share openly that which I’ve learned, I’ve created this blog.

But, this blog is not only useful for parents of tube fed children or even tube fed adults. The principles apply to absolutely everyone. If you have a human body, the principles in this blog are for you. I will share recipes, mostly, but also good information to keep in mind when deciding what you will eat. Trust me, you can eat good, healthy food that tastes absolutely delicious. It does not take an enormous time commitment. You can eat when you are hungry. In no way will you feel deprived. You’ll feel better than you ever have!

Real, whole foods changed my life. They changed my son’s life. I hope they’ll change yours.


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