Hi there! Thanks for visiting my website!37661354_10155429258622414_595414902542172160_n.jpg I am Crunchy Tubie Mama, and I hope you find the information I share on my website helpful.

I cloth diaper. I use reusable wipes and make my son’s butt wash. I bring my own reusable bags to the grocery store. I make my own dryer sheets. I reuse practically everything. Yeah, I’m crunchy.

I’m also a tubie mama. I have an amazing son that was fed via a feeding tube for nearly 4 years. You can read about his story here. You can also watch a video about how a blenderized diet changed my son’s life here. For ease of information sharing when I meet tubie mamas new to a blenderized diet, and to share openly that which I’ve learned, I’ve created this blog.

I am an author. I promise, I am not rich or famous. It all started when I began looking up the research regarding tube feeding to figure out why the medical professional is largely against it. After all, it’s just feeding a human being food. I was shocked and appalled to learn there really is not any legitimate research to support the current medical recommendations regarding tube feeding and enteral formula. I wrote a book all about what I learned as I reviewed the medical literature.

I loved writing my book, Stand for Food, so much, I began working on more books. You can find more information about my books here and here.

The day I decided, in desperation, to throw the enteral formula into the trash and try feeding my son real, whole food, I would never have imagined the journey that would take Bradley and I on. I’ve met nearly 50,000 fellow tubie parents from around the world and that number grows every day. Watching child after child transform into a healthy, thriving child again and again after changing to a blenderized diet has brought me immense joy. Today, it is my mission to both change the medical profession’s recommendations regarding tube feeding and to help children, tube- and orally-fed, to eat more plant foods and experience better health.



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