Stand for Food

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In this book, I review, in easy to understand terms, over 100 scientific studies relevant to tube feeding, commercial enteral formula, and blenderized diets. Upon reading this book, you will have the tools and information you need to have knowledgeable conversations about commercial enteral formula and blenderized diets with your medical providers or your child’s medical providers.

I have written this book because I have faith in you, tube-fed people and parents of tube-fed people. The way to get things changed and the medical profession more accepting of blenderized diets is through you! By giving you the information you need, you can change the hearts and minds of of the medical professionals around you and together, we will make a difference! After reading this book, you will be able to answer, with published, peer-reviewed scientific research to back yourself up, any argument ever given to you against the use of blenderized diets.

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Book Description

“Filled with rage at the unfairness of the situation, she flung a baby bottle across the room, accidentally breaking a window in the process. Her tube-fed son, Bradley, had vomited again. Today, like every other day, he had vomited and vomited repeatedly throughout the day. Her feeling of helplessness as her son remained under nourished, under developed, and unable to keep down hardly anything fed to him was overwhelming. She could not cope anymore.

Like thousands of other tube-fed children, Bradley was prescribed a diet of commercial enteral formula. His mother was told by multiple medical professionals that tube-fed people required commercial enteral formula. She was told it was the best diet for him. She believed them…until she looked at the research herself and learned the data did not support what she had been told. And Crunchy Tubie Mama was born.

After listening to science and rejecting commercial enteral formula, the future Crunchy Tubie Mama began feeding Bradley a blenderized diet of real food through his feeding tube. Bradley’s health and life changed dramatically as he transformed into a happy, healthy, growing boy right before her eyes.

In Stand for Food, this mother and tubie advocate scientifically analyzes and debunks the current claims about commercial enteral formula and shares her son’s story of how a blenderized diet made all the difference.

Stand for science. Stand for food.”