The Kids Menu

There are a couple things I’d like to start off with. First, I’m beyond touched at the number of emails I have gotten from so many of my fellow tubie mamas out there supporting my efforts to get tubies onto diets of real food, asking questions, and so forth. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude! Any of you are welcome to email me at any time with questions if you do not wish to post a public comment: I will do whatever I can to get real food into the tummies of tubie kids everywhere!

Secondly, I gave it a lot of thought before making this particular post because I do not want my blog to descend into a series of commercials for products or services. I focus on actions we can all take for ourselves right within our homes on our own. But, I guess that is why I’m making an exception in this case since what I’m promoting in this post shares that same goal.

There is a movie coming out soon on Netflix and iTunes called The Kids Menu. I had the privilege of viewing a screening of this movie this past week and briefly meeting the filmmaker, Joe Cross. I have to say, two thumbs up!

Bradley really did have fun, I promise. If looks could kill!

This is his 3rd movie, and it held true to the message of his first 2 movies, which is to emphasize a positive message about our power to solve the health crises we are experiencing in the United States. It’s not all about juicing. The movie isn’t trying to sell you a product. It’s about decreasing processed foods in our diet and increasing fruits and vegetables. And mostly, it’s about helping people understand they have the power to change.

The issue addressed in The Kids Menu is the childhood obesity epidemic and related health crises we are experiencing right now. But, not all gloomy and doomy. Throughout the movie, your happiness and excitement grow at the rather simple solutions being offered.  You enter wondering what we can possibly do to fix such a widespread and growing problem, and you leave feeling empowered to make a difference in your home and community. No preaching. No lecturing. No demands of perfection. You simply come to realize the many tools right in your hands to make positive changes for yourself, your children, and those in your community.

Juicing is for tubies, too!

What is the big deal about all these fruits and vegetables anyway? I began giving Bradley 4 ounces of fresh green juice daily to increase his micronutrient intake, and it had a very surprising effect. Bradley lives with a tremendous amount of fear. The medical traumas he has experienced have caused him absolute terror in response to the smallest of stimuli. A breeze blowing on his face, the sound of the plastic bag when I’d get a piece of bread, a chair moving across the floor, and so much more ignited total panic and screaming that would carry on for an extended period. It has been immensely heartbreaking. Watching parents taking their kids to the zoo, the park, swimming, etc. and able to have fun with their children invoked such grief because I could not take my son anywhere without him screaming and thrashing around in terror the entire time.

The second day on green juice, Bradley was so much happier and tolerant of these things. We walked outside and the breeze on his face made him giggle. I mean, holy crap! Who would have ever predicted such a response! He has been making tremendous progress ever since. Just last week, I got to take him to the local conservatory, and we had fun playing in the toddler area together. Probably the biggest testament of his progress is the fact that I took him with me to the screening of The Kids Menu and my son, who used to cry at the sound of the rustling of a plastic grocery bag, was fine in a dark theater with a movie playing on the big screen. That would not have been possible 6 months ago.

The changes have been astonishing. And it shows that healthful, nourishing food and lifestyle choices greatly impact all areas of our health, even issues we would think have nothing to do with proper nutrition. Bradley gets an enormous amount of vegetables in his diet, and now, he is one happy little tubie.

Getting to meet the maker of a couple movies that have inspired me to continue to push forward toward better health was certainly a thrill. But, the best part was the inspiration, sense of empowerment, and confidence I left the theater with to set my son on the path of good health from an early age.

Watch for The Kids Menu to come out this Spring and take the simple, but life changing message to heart. We have the tools. There are solutions. We can do this!