Crunchy Coaching


Need some extra and/or individualized help and support transitioning to a blenderized diet? Have you been blending for a while and feel some changes would benefit, but not sure what changes to make? Crunchy Coaching is here!

“My daughter was doing much better being fed a blenderized diet. However, our GI team refused to support or help me develop a blenderized diet for my daughter. So, I turned to Crunchy Tubie Mama who helped me immensely and even connected with me with a very helpful friend of hers as well. They were sanity savers, really. My daughter is now thriving on the blenderized diet, thanks to God as well as their expert advice.”

When you sign up for Crunchy Coaching, you will receive 3 suggested starter blends custom made for your child along with an additional 30 days of daily support to answer questions, suggest blend adjustments, etc. for a contribution of $40 to this website.*

“My daughter has cerebral palsy. I decided no more formula. My daughter began losing weight, and her medical team became concerned. They tried to force us to use formula in spite of my desires. Then, I met Crunchy Tubie Mama. She took the time to help a complete stranger, and I am forever grateful! Not only did she offer help and encouragement, but helped me advocate with the nutritionist so they would give me a chance to prove she could gain weight on a blenderized diet. Three months later, and my daughter is happier, healthier, and weighs more than she ever did on the formula.”

To enroll, send an email to with following information about your child:

  • age
  • caloric needs (if you do not know your child’s caloric needs, send me what he/she is currently being fed and how much)
  • feeding history – what has your child been fed and how has that been going?
  • medical diagnoses and relevant medical history
  • dietary restrictions and unique dietary needs
  • your hopes for what your child will gain from a blenderized diet

Please PayPal $40* to the same email address or use the donate button below.

*I will never turn a family away over an inability to pay. Your contribution allows for the sustainability of this website and this important work.