Hi there! Thanks for visiting my website!37661354_10155429258622414_595414902542172160_n.jpg I am Crunchy Tubie Mama, and I hope you find the information I share on my website helpful.

I cloth diaper. I use reusable wipes and make my son’s butt wash. I bring my own reusable bags to the grocery store. I make my own dryer sheets. I reuse practically everything. Yeah, I’m crunchy.

I’m also a tubie mama. I have an amazing son that was fed via a feeding tube for nearly 4 years. You can read about his story here. You can also watch a video about how a blenderized diet changed my son’s life here. For ease of information sharing when I meet tubie mamas new to a blenderized diet, and to share openly that which I’ve learned, I’ve created this blog.

I am an author. I promise, I am not rich or famous. It all started when I began looking up the research regarding tube feeding to figure out why the medical professional is largely against it. After all, it’s just feeding a human being food. I was shocked and appalled to learn there really is not any legitimate research to support the current medical recommendations regarding tube feeding and enteral formula. I wrote a book all about what I learned as I reviewed the medical literature.

I loved writing my book, Stand for Food, so much, I began working on more books. You can find more information about my books here and here.

The day I decided, in desperation, to throw the enteral formula into the trash and try feeding my son real, whole food, I would never have imagined the journey that would take Bradley and I on. I’ve met nearly 50,000 fellow tubie parents from around the world and that number grows every day. Watching child after child transform into a healthy, thriving child again and again after changing to a blenderized diet has brought me immense joy. Today, it is my mission to both change the medical profession’s recommendations regarding tube feeding and to help children, tube- and orally-fed, to eat more plant foods and experience better health.



9 thoughts on “About”

  1. I was wondering on your nestle posts you made. What about the new one with the chicken and mango. That has no corn syrup in. I was just curious your thoughts.


    1. Hi Erica, I do not support or condone the use of any Nestle products. One of their meals lists mango as their first ingredient. Mango is one of the highest sugar fruits in the entire world. They simply found a new avenue to use sugar for carbohydrates.

      There is nothing wrong with eating a little mango in one’s diet, but a diet based on mango is going to increase the risk of health complications long-term.

      If you look in the menu here and visit the page dedicated to Nestle’s history, you will also see the complete and utter disregard this company has shown toward people living with feeding tubes, seeing them as nothing more than a means for profit with no thought to their health. For this reason, even if the product was a good product, I would still not condone its use because I would rather support a company who did not willfully engage in activities that harmed droves of tube-fed people while they laughed their way to the bank.

      But, again, even from a nutritional standpoint, these products are not a balanced diet, and I would not recommend them for anyone. Thanks for asking.


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